About Us

Your Astrology Reports is one of the many Zoetic Endeavours of artist, writer, consultant, and facilitator, Marian Buchanan, who says:

I initially took an interest in astrology during my teens, those years when we’re most likely to spend time exploring our self-identity and trying to define our personality. My interest increased when two things happened: I encountered someone who knew quite a bit about astrology and he correctly guessed my Sun sign based on a short conversation with me; and then, out of curiosity, I made a list of all my friends and their Sun signs and noticed certain signs strongly represented and others totally absent. Years later, I mentioned this pattern to someone else who had studied astrology, noting the predominance of one sign in particular, and she correctly guessed my Rising sign on that basis.

When comparing observed personality traits with the energies associated with the zodiac signs in one’s chart, the coincidences — not just for me, but for many of my friends as well — are too many for me to just dismiss. I reserve judgement about what the correlation truly is, but I do think it’s at least a fascinating tool for introspection and personal growth.

That’s why I’ve gathered here a number of astrology reports that you can order, as well as some ArtCharts I’ve created with my own artwork. Each report and ArtChart is custom-created for your unique date, time, and place, of birth. Which ones would you like to order?